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Unrivalled performance & flexibility compared to AWS EC2


Key Points

Why we are better

01 Industry-leading Customer Service
  • We don’t tier our customer service behind how much you are spending with us. We believe a great user experience includes a great customer service! So we offer all our users, no matter how much or little the spend, 24/7 live in-house support all year round.

    We are happy to provide our users with a 13 minutes average response time, and our users seem to love it with a 97% user satisfaction.

02 EC2 Price Comparison
  • As one of the industry leaders, Amazon EC2 doesn’t need to compete on pricing offers, which in turn means that the users (that’s you!) end up paying for premium instances and lagging behind in price-performance ratio.

    In order to get the desired high performance with AWS EC2, you often have to pay for the higher tier, premium or specialized instance types. As a result, you end up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the performance that can cost you up to x12 less with SyncCore.

    We truly believe that enterprise-grade performance and reliability should be available to everyone! With this thought in mind, we developed our own storage technology.

    It’s explicitly built to give you the best I/O performance per dollar, without sacrificing any reliability! We have actually limited the performance at 100,000 IOPS per virtual disk to give you high performance at all times. As a result, we offer one of the fastest block storage that is often twice as fast as enterprise-grade SSD.

    To this day we stay the fastest cloud server provider currently available on the market. We are top performance leader in US & Asia.

03 Flexible and Scaling
  • We all know how important it is for service or application to have enough resources in high load scenarios. For example, while using AWS EC2 server you might bump into a problem that you’re locked to the resource limits that are provided by the specific instance type. What if you need extra CPUs? Your only option here is to upgrade to the next instance type since AWS EC2 doesn’t offer the flexibility to configure resourced individually. That leaves you with paying for extra resources that might never be used!

    Here at SyncCore, we offer Flexible plans which allow configuring CPU, RAM and storage freely! Another great thing is that the resources are only billed by usage – if you shut down a Flexible plan cloud server, you only pay for the reserved storage and IP addresses.