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Key Points

Why we are better than Azure

01 SyncCore Is Faster. A Lot Faster
  • Azure’s block storage has a very slow performance even if you select SSD. Most of the times if you are looking for high-performance storage from Azure you have to upgrade to the premium storage plans.

    In our core, we truly believe that enterprise-grade performance and reliability should be available for everyone! With this thought in mind, we developed our own storage.

    It’s explicitly built to give you the best I/O performance per dollar, without sacrificing any reliability! MaxIOPS often provides you with more than 2x the performance over enterprise-grade SSDs. In addition, to provide you with the consistent, high performance we’ve had to limit it at 100,000 IOPS per virtual storage device!

02 Global, Truly Private Networking
  • Private networking and Floating IPs are essentials in building modern and scalable web applications. A private network lets your cloud servers communicate through a secure channel that is not exposed to the public network (i.e. the Internet) and doesn’t count towards your bandwidth costs. Unlike on most cloud providers, our private network spans all our data centres and regions and is not isolated to a single data centre.

03 Flexible And Scaling
  • When choosing Azure, you are forced to pick from a confusing number of resource plans they have pieced together for you. Once you’ve selected the right plan you can’t be as flexible as you want with it. If you ever hit a bottleneck with resources provided by Azure your only option is to try to find a new plan somewhat matching your requirements. By doing so you end up with a considerably more expensive system and wasting money on resources you don’t need.

    With SyncCore Cloud, you get full flexibility with resources you use! All cloud servers can be deployed using cost-effective Simple plans or with fully customizable Flexible plans, completely according to your budget and needs. You can choose the amount of CPUs, RAM and storage that your service or application needs. Also, you are able to switch between Simple plans and Flexible configurations at any time! With this much freedom, you are in complete control of your performance and costs.